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post modern as post toasties

i want to clarify that these are mostly post-modern, pictures of things when things are friendly to light. and, not images of the perfect and utopic.

so, these are all heavy under photoshop and all dots and specks and whitebands are part of the image. Sauve qui peut — bring your own life-boat to this titanic theme park.

I’m lazy and I’ve not posted anything from my new 1 DXii, and these are from my 1Ds iii with its shutterbounce defect.

these are all using different lenses — sometimes with my old CM hasselblads, and sometimes with a couple of Leica R’s. and, too,

a couple of canon L’s — 24mm and 180mm macro.

and, there’s the new 45mm Tamron with image stabilization — though, really it’s the 45mm part i like.

some of the earlier posted, the stuff i took in Europe, are from a canon powershot N — a nice little thing you can see in the self-shot in the Belvedere.

i was just talking with someone neat at powell’s about photo and how it’s not real unless it’s fun. Add to that that all I’m taking pictures of is light and not my precious.


a bunch of these are post modern. the defects are there — I’ve years of photoshop and know how to spot a spot and crop a crop. plus, I’ve got an MFA in photo and know that my teacher’s heads would have exploded if i’d used them in a grad critique. The bright band, top right, is an artifact of my 1Ds II’s ‘shutter bounce’. for, me, as an artist and not a xeroxer, this makes the photo work.

photo image

post modern